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Wilmot Cancer Institute / Education & Training / Graduate Research Education


Graduate Research Education

Yi-Tao Yu with studentThe University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry offers more than 30 PhD, master’s, and advanced certificate programs in biomedical and health sciences. These programs also support graduate students who are ready to pursue their own research lines.

Wilmot Cancer Biology Concentration

The Wilmot Cancer Institute has introduced an optional "Concentration in Cancer Biology" program for PhD students at UR/URMC to enhance their training in cancer biology research. The program is designed to provide education in fundamental cancer biology concepts and clinical and translational cancer research. The curriculum focuses on recent primary literature and interactions with clinicians to offer a comprehensive learning experience. 

Wilmot Predoctoral Cancer Research Fellowship

The Wilmot Predoctoral Research Fellowship is available to graduate students enrolled in Ph.D. training programs at the University of Rochester who are keenly interested in pursuing a career in cancer research. The program offers opportunities for emerging scientists to establish themselves as independent researchers in investigating the causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or management of cancer or its side effects. Successful applicants will receive a two-year award of $20,000 per year

URMC Medical Scientist Training Program

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) incorporates the MD and PhD degrees into a cohesive curriculum to develop the clinical and basic science skills needed to understand the disease and translate that understanding into new therapies. The program provides a solid foundation for careers in cancer research.