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Follow-Up Care

Nurse and Survivor

Every cancer patient requires follow-up care. The type of care needed can vary widely from patient to patient. It is based on a number of factors, including your type of cancer, its behavior, the treatment you received and your current health.

There are many goals of follow-up care. One goal is checking for a recurrence of cancer or the spread of cancer to another part of your body. Another goal is evaluating you for the effects of your treatment. To help in that regard, your follow-up care may include physical exams, blood tests and imaging studies.

When you see your provider for follow-up care, you should be sure to mention any changes in your health as well as anything else that is causing you concern. Both cancer and its treatment can affect your health. Describing any issues you are experiencing helps your care team provide better care.

The Survivorship Care Plan that you receive from us will provide a schedule for your follow-up visits. Although some diagnoses may require frequent follow up care, most patients see their healthcare providers at Wilmot every 3-6 months for the first several years.

If you ever have questions between your follow-up visits, be sure to call your Wilmot doctor’s office.