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Survivorship Care Specialty Clinic

Cancer survivors may face many challenges including physical, psychological and social issues related to their cancer diagnosis and treatment. As part of the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program, the Survivorship Care Specialty Clinic (SCSC) offers assistance aimed at helping cancer survivors to live well during and after cancer treatment. The goals of the clinic are to enable survivors to take an active role in their health and achieve an increased quality of life.


What do we offer?woman holding an ipad and waving in a living room setting

  • A consultative telehealth visit (via Zoom or telephone, from home or wherever is convenient for the patient) with our specialized Survivorship nurse practitioner
  • A personalized needs assessment
    • The patient completes a survivorship needs-based questionnaire prior to the telehealth visit. Our nurse practitioner will address identified concerns and available resources to help manage post-treatment needs. The questionnaire will be repeated at specified intervals. Future clinic visits are determined by the patient’s preference, personal situation, and concerns.
  • A strong focus on health promotion and wellness management through education, coaching and goal setting, and resource provision
  • Assistance identifying and creating management strategies to help survivors cope with physical (late and long-term effects), emotional, and social effects of cancer and cancer treatment
  • Survivorship care plan creation and delivery


What is Included in a Survivorship Care Plan?

  • A treatment summary, which includes treatment team and contact information, details of your diagnosis, dates of therapy, and name/type of therapy received (i.e. surgery, radiation, chemotherapy/immunotherapy, and/or hormone therapy)
  • Review of current and potential future side effects you may experience as a result of cancer and the specific treatment you received
  • Future health and cancer screening tests you may want to consider
  • Resources that can help with psychosocial and emotional needs
  • A list of individualized local, regional, and national cancer support resources
  • Programs on topics such as healthy eating, mindfulness, exercise, smoking cessation, and support groups that may help you improve your overall health and well-being

Your Survivorship Care Plan, including your Survivorship Treatment Summary, is customized to you and can serve as a helpful reference guide moving forward. After our nurse practitioner reviews this with you, we will send an electronic copy to your primary care provider. You will receive a printed copy for your records and will also have the ability to access these documents via MyChart.


Who is eligible for this clinic?

  • The SCSC is a pilot project that is currently limited to patients with certain types of cancers. We hope to expand to more cancer types in the near future.
  • Eligible populations currently include Wilmot Cancer Institute patients with prostate, testicular, esophageal, gastric, colon, rectal, anal, cervical, ovarian, uterine, or endometrial cancers.

If you are unsure if you are a survivorship candidate with our program, please contact the Survivorship Coordinator at (585) 275-6956 or inquire with your primary oncologist.


The SCSC does not provide surveillance for cancer recurrence or manage acute symptoms. Your primary oncologist should continue to address this.