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Getting Started

Nurse Advising Cancer SurvivorGetting started in our Survivorship Program is simple. In fact, as a patient at Wilmot, it happens as a regular part of your care.

As you near this phase of your cancer treatment, your oncology team will arrange a transition follow-up appointment for you. Your Survivorship Care Team will include members of the team that brought you through your treatment.

When you meet with your Care Team, they will provide you with two helpful documents:

A Treatment Summary

This document summarizes the care you received at Wilmot, including your diagnosis, the stage of your cancer, your treatment and contact information.

A Survivorship Care Plan

This plan provides useful information on the frequency of follow-up visits, tests and procedures you may require in the future, signs and symptoms of disease recurrence, and possible late effects of treatment. It also provides community resources that can assist you in your recovery.

Our Survivorship Care Team will be working with your health care team—from oncology, radiation and surgery—to make sure you get the follow-up care and supportive services you need. We will also be reviewing your Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan with your primary care physician to help you make a smooth transition.