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Eye and Ear Care

Eye Care

Your eyes may feel dry and tired. You can use eye drops if the dryness is bothersome. Use commercially prepared natural tears. Do not share your eye drops with others. If you notice any vision changes, a gritty feeling, or discharge in your eyes, notify your health care provider. If you had an allogeneic transplant, graft-versus-host disease can cause dryness or excessive tearing in your eyes.

Ear Care

The skin of your external ear can also become dry and itchy. Clean the outer ear with a warm, soapy cloth, rinse, and dry thoroughly. Only trained personnel should remove earwax. Do not use commercially available earwax removal kits and wax softeners. Never insert objects or sharp instruments in your ear. If you develop ear pain, notice discharge from the ear, or have difficulty hearing, notify your health care provider.