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Sexual Activity

Close contact with those you love is a very important aspect of life. Resuming sexual activity is a normal and important part of recovery. Timing depends on how you feel. Safe sex guidelines, including limiting your sexual activity to a known, healthy partner, are important during the post-transplant period. Cleanliness and proper lubrication during sexual intercourse is recommended to avoid irritation and infection. There is an increased risk of bruising or bleeding during intercourse when your platelet count is below 20,000.

Female patients need to be aware that their normal vaginal lubrication may be altered. Using a water-soluble, non-irritating lubricant (such as KY-Jelly or Vagisil) helps avoid potential problems.

The use of birth control is recommended; even though sterility post-transplant is common, it should not be assumed. If you have questions regarding sexual activity, call a member of the transplant team.