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Oral Care

Continue to do your oral care as directed. If you should notice any blisters, sores, pus, or a whitish coating on the tissues in your mouth, call your physician, nurse coordinator, or nurse practitioner.

When you visit your dentist, inform him or her of your transplant. Notify the transplant team of planned dental work. It is best to wait at least three months after transplant to schedule dental work.

If you received total body irradiation with your transplant you may notice you have less saliva than prior to the treatment. If this continues to be a problem, there are several things you can try. If you have some saliva but your mouth still seems drier than usual, sugarless sour candies may help stimulate some saliva production. Your dentist can administer special treatments to help you. We can also help you obtain products that artificially replace saliva. You may continue to see improvement in saliva production for up to six months after transplant.