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URMC / Cardiovascular Research Institute / Education & Training

Education & Training

Graduate Course Offerings

Cardiovascular Biology and Disease (CVS401, 3 credits, Fall Semester)

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the structure and function of the cardiovascular system in both normal and pathological states. Disease processes affecting normal cardiovascular homeostasis are discussed in the context of both human disease and experimental model systems. The course introduces clinical/translational topics, signal transduction, and current therapies of the cardiovascular system. Lecturers include both clinical and basic scientists, providing a bench-to-bedside addition to the Ph.D. curriculum. The course is comprised of lectures, paper discussions, and student presentations. Lectures are based on historical and recent literature. Graduate students are encouraged to take the course for credit. Postdoctoral fellows may audit the course.

Course Directors: Douglas Anderson, PhD., Assistant Professor and Peng Yao, PhD., Assistant Professor

Seminar in Cardiovascular Science (CVS 402, 1 credit, Fall and Spring Semesters)

The Cardiovascular Science seminar series was initiated in 2005, and features lectures by prominent cardiovascular scientists from around the world. The seminar series includes lectures by scientists whose research ranges from basic science to clinical medicine, pathobiology, genetics, and development. Between 10 and 16 outside speakers are invited from September through June each year. Students and selected postdoctoral fellows are invited to attend a luncheon with outside speakers, providing an exceptional opportunity for interaction with and exposure to the world’s leading translational cardiovascular scientists. All seminar attendees are also invited to attend a wine and cheese reception following the seminar. In addition to outside speakers, the Cardiovascular Science seminar series provides a forum for URMC faculty to present their current research. Graduate students may take the course for credit. All members of the Rochester scientific community are invited to attend the lectures.

Course Director: Zheng-Gen Jin, PhD., Professor and Peng Yao, PhD, Assistant Professor

Training Programs

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Med-into-Grad Training in Cardiovascular Science (2010-2015)

The CVRI was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Med-into-Grad training grant from 2010 - 2015. This prestigious HHMI sponsored fellowship was designed to augment traditional Ph.D. training to provide exposure to translational and clinical medicine, and to train graduate students for a biomedical research career in cardiovascular sciences with an emphasis on translating laboratory discoveries into treatments and diagnostics. This training grant is no longer accepting applicants. The photo below show some of the past HHMI students.

HHMI Students and Directors

T32 Training Grant in Preventive Cardiology (2010-2016)

The CVRI and the Department of Public Health led an NIH training grant from 2010-2016 for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in translational research into cardiovascular diseases, with a focus on coronary artery disease. Some fellows and students work with clinical scientists in the Department of Public Health on epidemiology and clinical trials; and other trainees work with basic scientists at the Aab CVRI on animal models of cardiovascular disease. This training grant is no longer accepting applicants.