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Patients in the Spotlight: Emily Luna

Fiddler in the Pediatric Treatment Center

Emily Luna

Emily Luna, 12, of Farmington, NY was diagnosed with aplastic anemia three years ago. It’s been a long and sometimes painful journey, but being the cheerful and upbeat soul she is, she takes every opportunity to brighten the days of the kids receiving treatment around here at Golisano Children’s Hospital’s B&L Wholesale Pediatric Outpatient Treatment Center. Sometimes, it’s playing with them, and sometimes, it’s playing for them.

Emily knew she would have to undergo a potentially painful bone marrow biopsy, but she stayed focused on playing her violin for the other patients instead. Once she felt well enough (and even though she was still feeling a little groggy), she left her treatment room and headed to the playroom to perform and bring some much-needed, healing music to the other kids receiving treatment. Some of them can leave their treatment rooms to come listen and clap for Emily and some stay in their rooms and soak up the beautiful sounds. Everyone, including the staff, loves it.