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Breast Cancer Screening

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Breast cancer screening includes self-breast exam, clinical breast exam, and mammogram. Annual clinical breast exams and mammograms are covered for women 40 and older. Mammograms are sometimes covered for younger women based on family or personal history. Men identified with symptoms which may indicate breast cancer can receive diagnosis through the program.

If you have a family history, or have concerns about your risk, we encourage you to take advantage of this free screening event. Research has shown that African American women are 42 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. African American women are more likely to present with a cancer diagnosis in ages younger than 40 and with more advanced stage breast cancer. Women 35 years or older can sign up for a baseline mammogram at this free event.

The Cancer Services Program of the Finger Lakes Region, part of the Center for Community Health & Prevention of URMC, covers the cost of cancer screenings for uninsured and underinsured men and women: mammograms, clinical breast exams, pelvic exams and pap tests, as well as at-home screening kits for colorectal cancer and colonoscopies.

2018 Free Screenings: Call (585) 224-3070 to schedule your appointment. Outside of Monroe County? Call 1-877-803-8070.

Date Location


UR Medicine Breast Imaging, Anthony Jordan Health Center, 82 Holland St.


Borg & Ide Imaging - 2655 Ridgeway Avenue, Suite 110 - CANCELED


UR Medicine Breast Imaging, 500 Red Creek Dr., Suite 130


Rochester Regional Health Imaging, Medical Office Building, 1415 Portland Ave., Suite 190


Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, 170 Sawgrass Dr.

10/22/18 UR Medicine Breast Imaging, Anthony Jordan Health Center, 82 Holland St.
11/03/18 Borg & Ide Imaging, 2655 Ridgeway Ave., Suite 110
12/8/18 Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, 170 Sawgrass Dr.