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What is Gastroschisis?

When a fetus’s abdominal wall doesn’t form correctly, a hole in the skin to the right of the umbilical cord can develop. Gastroschisis happens when, through that hole, the bowel finds its way outside of the abdomen, floating within the water sac (amniotic cavity).

This is a serious condition that requires urgent surgery and care after birth. Long-term problems with feeding, bowel, or infections may occur in complicated cases. After initial surgery, healing, and success with feeding, most babies can go on to live a normal healthy life.

It is not typically a genetic condition, and does not usually happen alongside other defects.

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UR Medicine's Treatments for Gastroschisis

Gastroschisis cannot be treated while the mother is pregnant, so surgery is needed after birth. This may be a single surgery or your baby may require multiple surgeries, depending on the severity of the condition. Hospital stays can range from 30-50 days or more.

Other treatments may include medications and careful attention to control body temperature.

It is common for babies with gastroschisis to have feeding challenges for the first few weeks of life, and they may require IV nutrition. Pediatric Advanced Nutrition Support (PANS) is a program developed at Golisano Children’s Hospital that specializes in the treatment of children with feeding difficulty and complex nutritional needs.

Follow-up appointments will be necessary to assess your baby's nutrition and development, and to rule out any obstruction in their belly.

What Sets Us Apart?

Early diagnosis and planning for delivery is most important. Maternal-Fetal Care's OB/GYN ultrasound unit is certified by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine to perform Level II ultrasounds, a more in-depth evaluation.

Our experienced Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and state-of-the-art equipment including 3D/4D capabilities help diagnose effectively.

We offer both fetal assessment and fetal monitoring on-site at both of our office locations, allowing the team to have all needed information available.

Our physicians work with other specialists to provide complete care for pregnant people. By combining areas of expertise, our multidisciplinary team is able to offer safe and effective diagnostic and therapeutic resources.

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Granted AIUM Accreditation 2021-2024


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