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Specialized Imaging: Fetal Level II Ultrasound

Each year, our team of 14 ARDMS sonographers performs over 20,000 ultrasounds in pregnancy including over 200 fetal echocardiography exams (detailed examinations of the fetal heart).

On your first visit to UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care, we will perform a detailed, high-resolution fetal ultrasound to confirm your baby’s suspected condition. This is a safe, noninvasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to determine fetal growth and development.

Our unit is a Level II diagnostic ultrasound unit. Level II ultrasound means that all of our staff and physicians are qualified to perform and interpret more detailed fetal ultrasounds than general OB/GYN physicians or general radiology offices. All of the physicians at UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care are board certified/board eligible in maternal-fetal medicine, meaning they have completed at least three additional years of training in the performance and evaluation of fetal complications and fetal birth defects. With the most locations and physicians with this certification in Upstate NY, we are the ideal location to evaluate your developing baby.

We have been AIUM accredited for more than 25 years!

At our AIUM accredited ultrasound unit, our team of 14 dedicated obstetrical sonographers are ARDMS certified, having the specialized training to be able to give you more information on complex findings in your baby.

All of our sonographers are NT and CLEAR certified, and 9 have additional specializations in fetal echography, allowing them to thoroughly evaluate the developing fetus. All of our sonographers are specially trained in identifying fetal abnormalities and will be key members of your team to assess your baby and assist with treatment and management. Sometimes, advanced imaging may change the initial diagnosis, and our MFM physicians and genetic counselors are on-site to help review any new findings.

AIUM Accreditation Badge Detailed Fetal Anatomic ExaminationAIUM Accreditation Badge Obstetric Ultrasound