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Specialized Doppler Monitoring

Doppler ultrasound exampleOur team has additional experience in pregnancies with complications that are rarely seen or followed in community centers.

Monitoring includes following babies with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction (small)) for signs of distress, following fetuses of pregnant people with antibodies that increase the risk for anemia (a condition called Isoimmunization or sensitization), and types of twins at risk for uneven perfusion or other complications. Many of these conditions require the use of specialized ultrasound technology called Doppler.

Just like traditional ultrasound, Doppler uses sound waves to assess flow in the baby’s heart, brain, liver, or umbilical cord to detect specific issues or conditions. These types of tests require additional training to be able to accurately measure and get the information and then interpret the findings.

Each year our team performs over 1000 Doppler assessments, giving us the experience to interpret these complex situations and help provide the best care for your growing baby.