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What to Expect When You Are Referred for Ultrasound

If you are referred into our office because of a suspected problem at another hospital or office, we know that this can be a scary and uncertain time. We will do our best to answer your questions and get you the information that you need, but this can be a relatively long appointment and we want you to be prepared. 

Who Will I Meet With?

Families who have findings at an outside hospital will typically meet first with a genetic counselor to review their pregnancy and family history, and discuss typical testing and screening options before their ultrasound.

After this, our team of sonographers will complete your ultrasound examination. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, you may be asked to fill your bladder for this examination. 

If there are issues or concerns, the physician on-site will discuss the findings with you and your family. If further testing or procedures are needed, these will be discussed and possibly performed after.   

How Much Time Will This Take?

Because our team is performing a more detailed Level II ultrasound, your first ultrasound visit may be longer than you are used to. Typically, a first detailed Level II ultrasound after the fourth month will take at least 45 - 60 minutes for a single baby, and 90+ minutes for a twin pregnancy.

What Types of Images or Testing Might Happen?

Because issues can often cluster together, our team will reevaluate everything on your baby, not just the area where the finding was seen on your prior ultrasound.  

Additionally, the physicians may need more specialized views, including more detailed heart views (fetal echocardiography) or tests of fetal wellbeing (Doppler assessments, biophysical profile, etc.), depending on what was found at your prior ultrasound or what is found when you come to our office.

When Will I Receive Results?

After your ultrasound is complete, the sonographer and physician on-site will review the images. If there are no findings, and this is was being done for routine reasons, your doctor will get the report within one business day.  If there issues or concerns, then the physician on-site will discuss the findings with you and your family. If further testing or procedures are needed, these will be discussed and possibly performed after.   

What If I am Being Transferred for Prenatal Care?

If you are being transferred by your doctor to UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care because of a complication or because you need to deliver at UR Medicine's Golisano Children's Hospital, we will perform your first prenatal visit after. 

Who Should I Bring? Can I Film?

First appointments can be long. We ask that you leave small children at home if possible, or bring snacks/entertainment for them if not possible. Dress in clothing that makes access to your abdomen possible. A vaginal ultrasound is often needed to help image your cervix and lower part of your uterus. It is helpful to bring a support person to help you make decisions and ask questions. We ask that you limit visitors to no more than 2 during the ultrasound.

Please reference the hospital policies regarding recording/imaging for additional details.

Will These Services Be Billed to Insurance?

Our office works with most insurances in Western NY. Please bring your insurance card with you, and review some of the common questions regarding billing.

Please note that when you speak with a specialist in our practice about a specific concern during an ultrasound, this type of consultative care is outside of the typically global billing for prenatal care, and you will receive separate charges for these visits.