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Fetal Evaluation and Care

Learning that your unborn baby may have a birth defect can turn a happy time into a frightening time. Please know you are not alone. The team at UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care is here to support you. From diagnosis and prenatal management, delivery, and care after birth, our team of internationally-recognized experts works together to make sure you and your baby receive the best possible care and assure that your baby’s condition is fully understood.

Our team offers a full range of options for evaluation of your baby including Level II fetal ultrasound, fetal echocardiography, and fetal MRI.

Our AIUM certified Level II OB/GYN ultrasound unit, AIUM Granted Accreditation 2018-2021experienced RDMS sonographers, and state of the art equipment including 3D/4D capabilities can help diagnose and evaluate your developing baby. Our office offers on-site fetal echocardiography, as many fetal health conditions can be associated with fetal cardiac concerns. UR Medicine also offers the region’s only fetal MRI center, to help evaluate many complex fetal conditions and placenta abnormalities. 

We have both fetal assessment and fetal monitoring on-site at both of our office locations, which allow the team to have all of the information available to help guide pregnancy management. For those that are followed in ongoing care, our fetal and maternal care coordinators help families with maternal or fetal cardiac disease navigate the care that may be needed including help with coordinating appointments, answering questions, and assuring they are aware of planned services and any test results.