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Information for Employees

FAQs for Employees with COVID-Like Symptoms  Read the FAQs

What You Need to Know About Furloughs

You are valued! The Medical Center has made the difficult decision to enact a temporary workforce reduction via furloughs to help address projected losses as high as $315 million for this fiscal year alone. We know this is not an easy time for you. We’ve prepared this website to help answer many questions you may have; or you can download this one-page What You Need to Know About Furloughs Fact Sheet.

What is a Furlough?

Furloughs are a temporary, unpaid layoff from work or a reduction in hours worked, with the expectation that you will return to your regular work schedule once business operations permit. When you are furloughed, you cannot do any work (or only work during your scheduled hours). It’s important to understand what type of furlough you’ve been placed on as it can impact benefits, vacation/PTO accruals, and network access. Your manager will keep you informed if there is an opportunity to recall you sooner, or, if we need to extend your furlough because business operations are not yet at normal volumes.

Furlough Maintain Active Employee Status/Service Time Use PTO/ Vacation During Furlough Work Within Pay Period Maintain Many Benefits Vacation Time/PTO Accrues Parking Fees Suspended or Reduced








Furloughed employees retain access to many benefits. 

  • Refer to Policy 354 Layoff and Recall for more details.
  • Cost-sharing of premiums continues throughout the furlough time period, and will be deducted from paychecks for those on partial furlough. Those on full furlough will be billed directly for any eligible benefits that you wish to continue.


You may apply for unemployment benefits directly through New York State’s Department of Labor; extended benefits also may available due to CARES act. We know filing for unemployment may be new to you, so we’ve developed some resources to help:

Your Checklist

  • You should not work when furloughed (if partially furloughed, limit work to scheduled hours).
  • Check your voluntary deductions from your paycheck, as cost-sharing for premiums will continue at current rates.
  • Confirm with your supervisor your work responsibilities and/or transition of work.
  • Modify your phone message/out-of-office email accordingly. 
  • Establish a regular time to check in with your supervisor for an update on your furlough status.


Help is Available

Emotional Support and Resources Hotline
Assistance with anxiety, stress management, housing, finances, food needs, and child care
Call (585) 276-3100
Available 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday

Life-Work Connections EAP
Mental health and counseling services
Call (585) 276-9110
Available 24/7 and via videoconference
Visit the Life-Work Connections website

Additional Resources