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URMC / DEAF ROC / Travel Scholarships

Travel Scholarships


travel scholarship

We will be offering 15 travel scholarships at approximately $1,000 each, to participants, to offset the cost of attending the DEAF/HH Scientists Roc Conference. Funds can be used towards airfare, hotel accommodations and other approved travel expenses.

Conference staff will assist with booking and covering airfare expenses in advance, as well as helping with hotel accommodations. NOTE reimbursement for hotel, food and miscellaneous expenses will be reimbursed after the conference upon sharing proof of expenses.

The Conference planning Committee will select scholarship winners based on abstract submission and/or financial need. To be considered for a travel scholarship, please submit your CV, along with an essay, limited to 1 page, describing your research interests and how attending the DEAF/HH Scientists Roc Conference will help with your career path, as well as an estimate for travel expenses.  

Applicants must apply no later than July 15th, 2024 .  Notification of travel awards will be sent by July 31st, 2024.