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Oral Medicine Preceptorship at Eastman Institute for Oral Health

Why Oral Medicine Preceptorship?

  • The preceptorship in Oral Medicine is intended for dentists who wish to increase their knowledge through didactics and observation of patient care in an Oral Medicine clinic in a hospital setting.
  • Likewise, the experience gives the trainee better tools to approach medically complex patients in the dental setting.
  • The commitment to an Oral Medicine preceptorship program is an excellent path for a young dentist who seeks a career in oral medicine or hospital dentistry.
  • The experiential learning in the Oral Medicine preceptorship program enriches the background of any dentist that seeks exposure to any of the dental specialties while considering his/her future career path.

What is Oral Medicine?

Oral Medicine is the field of dentistry concerned with the oral health care of medically complex patients with the diagnosis and non-surgical management of medically related disorders or conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. Simply, at the Oral Medicine Practice we provide consultation and management of a wide range of oral diseases and disorders (mucosal, salivary gland, chronic pain, etc.).

Why Oral Medicine at Eastman / Strong Memorial Hospital?

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The preceptorship program in Oral Medicine provides a bridge between dentistry to medicine. The interface of Oral Medicine with medicine is broad, allowing the preceptee to explore a variety of medical topics and to learn to “think medically”. This educational exposure is an important foundation for clinical practice that will better prepare the preceptee to perform as a dental health care provider. 

A Wide Variety of Programs

The preceptorship program in Oral Medicine allows variable duration of experience ranging from 3 to 11 months. The program has a core education syllabus, with room for individual adjustments based on the preceptee’s interest. 

The preceptorship program in Oral Medicine may be combined with a Master in Science that is granted by the University of Rochester. The addition of the preceptorship program to the Master in Science will provide a clinical depth to the Master program.

Small Class Size

The number of trainees in the Oral Medicine programs is limited intentionally. It provides the preceptee a good learning experience, as the preceptee has an opportunity for working closely with the faculty.

Interaction with Related Residency Programs

The EIOH and SMH host a variety of residency programs. The preceptee has an opportunity to round with residents from the General Practice Residency program, as well as to take classes together with residents from Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics (depends on which semester the preceptee enroll in). This interaction allows learning from other dental providers about considerations related to patient care within the scope of their practice. Additionally, this opens the floor for self-development and understanding about future education and career opportunities.

Highly Qualified Faculty

The faculty in Oral Medicine are devoted to high-level education. The classes are delivered by a cadre of world-renown professionals who bring years of experience and breadth of knowledge to the classroom.

Excellent Student Support Services

The preceptees are guided by the Registrar’s Office from the application, through registration, and up to the end of their program. The Registrar’s Office is a key partner for the success of the preceptee in graduation of the program while directing the trainee within the EIOH, URMC and New York State administration. 

Additional resources are available to international preceptees through the International Student Office (ISO) at the University of Rochester.


EIOH is well known for its international spirit with the current trainees arriving from 25 countries, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Israel, Chile, India, Argentina, Pakistan, Greece, Spain and more. This diversity is celebrated at Eastman all year long and in particular during the annual celebration and holiday events. We cherish this special spirit and welcome trainees to join our diverse and friendly group of residents. The benefit of the social interaction is not limited to the present. There are abundance of networking opportunities, including many opportunities to connect with professionals and alumni in all fields of interest.

Submitting Application:

  • Online application
  • $195 nonrefundable application fee
  • An official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended
  • Three letters of recommendation  
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official TOEFL scores, when appropriate (institution code 9487)

Contact Information

Ms. Elaine Maholick, Registrar’s Office, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Rochester, NY -