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Prosthodontic Courses

Case Presentation Conference

  • For residents and faculty to present patient treatment plans; review patients currently under treatment or whose treatment has been completed; and, illustrate relative aspects of care through radiographs, slide and/or diagnostic and treatment casts. The patients may illustrate any aspect of prosthodontic therapy, clinical materials, and techniques.

Dental Implant Interdisciplinary Treatment

  • Prosthodontic residents will have knowledge of the following areas related to diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment for dental implants that is satisfactory for the completion of the Prosthodontic CDA requirements.
  • This will also allow the resident a hands-on experience, under the supervision of Board-Certified Periodontists, in the area of surgical endosseous implant placement which include the following: interpretation of various imaging modalities, assessment of ridge form and volume, selection of appropriate implant system, implant size/shape, and surface, planning, fabricating, and analysis of surgical guides (stents), esthetic considerations, including emergence profile, soft/hard tissue contours, and amount of keratinized tissue, appropriate planning for site preparation, surgical armamentarium and surgical assisting, wound healing, osteotomy preparation, flap management, and complications, pain, and pharmacologic management.

Dental Implant Seminars

  • Review the surgical and prosthodontic literature regarding dental implant treatment.
  • Prosthodontic, periodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery residents provide an in-depth review and presentation of the literature on surgical and prosthodontic topics related to implant dentistry.

Dental Implants Faculty Seminars

  • Prosthodontic, periodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery faculty present seminars on selected topics and clinical cases related to implant dentistry.

Dental Materials Series

  • Working background of dental materials used in clinical and laboratory settings.

Implant Seminar Literature Review

  • This seminar will concentrate on more recent literature as it relates to endosseous dental implants.
  • Surgical and prosthetic aspects will be reviewed by residents and discussed by faculty. Surgical literature will include anatomy, histology, diagnosis, physiology, microbiology, types of implants, and longitudinal studies.
  • Prosthetic literature will include diagnosis, treatment planning, biomechanical and technical considerations, prosthetic treatment of the edentulous and partially edentulous jaws as well as maxillofacial considerations and complications.

Implant Treatment Planning Conferences

  • Current implant cases in the periodontics and prosthodontic clinics are reviewed and discussed.
  • Treatment rationale, indications and contraindication are also reviewed and discussed among faculty and residents.

Introduction to Dental Implants

  • Overview of dental implants with a basic understanding of the biological principles of osseointegration, diagnostic radiology along with surgical and prosthetic procedures for endosseous implants; and to discuss blade and subperiosteal implants.

Journal Review Seminar

  • Review of current literature from prosthodontic journals.
  • Residents and faculty will discuss findings in terms of relevancy to clinical practice and appropriateness for laboratory and clinical research design.

Occlusion Seminar

  • Background on the history of occlusal concepts, different types of articulators, occlusal schemes, and application of principles necessary in dental reconstruction. Residents learn through lectures, laboratory exercises, and hands-on clinical demonstrations.

Prosthodontic Clinic

  • Provide comprehensive prosthodontic care within the clinic. The degree of difficulty of the treatment is coordinated with the resident training level.
  • Treatment is overseen by faculty from diagnosis and treatment planning to the delivery of the prosthesis.
  • Interaction with the patients physician, general dentist and other dental and medical specialties is emphasized as indicated for each situation.

Prosthodontic Clinical and Laboratory Technique

  • Provide residents with the fundamentals of clinical and laboratory procedures and give them a common background from which to proceed before patient treatment. Clinical procedures will be simulated.
  • Faculty will discuss dental laboratory procedures for complete and partially edentulous situations.

Prosthodontic-Periodontic Case Presentation Conference

  • Senior prosthodontic and periodontics residents present clinical cases which have been jointly treated by two residents. Discussion of the case from a technical and management standpoint is provided.

Prosthodontic-Periodontic Literature Review Conference

  • Residents from periodontics and prosthodontics work together to review relevant literature on common topics of interest

Prosthodontic Seminar Series I-IV

  • Review the most recent as well as classical prosthodontic literature
  • Residents provide an update to the bibliography and prepare a seminar covering selected topics in fixed, removable, implant prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthodontics, and temporomandibular dysfunction.

Prosthodontic Visiting Faculty Seminar Series

  • Visiting faculty present lectures on advanced topics relating to fixed, removable, maxillofacial, and implant prosthodontics.

Research Project

  • Each resident will develop a research project. The project is dependent upon the individuals involvement in an advanced degree program or not. Finished project results will be written and possibly submitted for publication.

Treatment Planning Conference

  • Review patient clinical conditions and discuss treatment plans.
  • Select the most appropriate treatment based on evidence-based information.
  • Provide a forum for discussion among residents and faculty for the purpose of evaluating indications and contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of specific treatment modalities.