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Mismanaging Your Anger

Do you struggle to keep your anger under control by attempting to suppress your thoughts at temper-triggering events? Suppression—consciously attempting to tamp down or block troubling thoughts is a natural defense mechanism, but it is not very efficient when solely used as an anger management strategy. In fact, it could contribute to a more explosive response of anger.

You’re missing two additional parts—learning healthy expression (talking about your feelings) and intervention skills—exercises that when practiced regularly retrain how you respond to anger cues. Talk to your EAP or a professional counselor, get a referral to the help you need, and experience the relief and satisfaction that come with feeling in control of how you respond to common life stressors and events.

UR Medicine EAP is brought to you by Well-U, helping eligible individuals to assess issues, and provide short-term counseling and referrals.

Keith Stein | 8/15/2019

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