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EAP publishes a weekly blog with corresponding monthly newsletters for employees and supervisors. Articles cover employee wellness and work related issues. Also visit our Newsletter Archive to review past newsletters.

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A belated thank you for your presentation to our team on Tuesday.  There was much positive feedback – they said the breakout rooms were really helpful and that your "tools were able to be used with the participants and in daily life".  They generally thought you were speaking directly to their experiences by providing a bit of your history going into participant homes.

EAP Supervisor Series

UR supervisors, please consider joining one or more of our four offered Supervisor Series presentations. In this series, you will learn how to use EAP in supervision, receive an overview of Leave Administration, learn how to recognize stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace, and how to deal with workplace conflict. 

Health Bites Series

Our Health Bites series is comprised of useful and timely health/wellness related topics beneficial to the community. Please visit our Health Bites Archive to view previously recorded Health Bites seminars.

The 2023/2024 Health Bites series will be streamed exclusively using Zoom.