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Sometimes we need to refer our clients to outside organizations for additional help. UR Medicine EAP partners with various local service providers to meet these needs.

Whether financial counseling, divorce/separation mediation, or legal services, our partners are ready, willing, and able to help. Services are offered at a discounted rate for employees of our client organizations. 


Facing separation or divorce? We can refer you to mediators, legal, and financial professionals. Mediation can provide a cost and time-saving choice for couples and families facing separation and divorce. Most mediated agreements can be completed in a matter of weeks. At the same time, mediation gives couples the decision-making control and allows couples to take ownership for those decisions.


Employees can contact one of the two mediator’s listed below. Both mediators’ practices are based here in Rochester, and have made their services available to our clients at a 20% discount of their current fees (new clients only). An initial $50 consultation fee provides a full hour of the mediator’s time to see if the mediation process is right for you.

John R. Piper
Mediator Mutual Choices
(585) 244-1600/(585) 409-9556

Renee O. LaPoint, M.S.
Mediator Divorce and Family Mediation Services, Inc.
(585) 269-8140

Financial Divorce Consultant

Jillian Jones, M.B.A., C.D.F.A.®
Supportive Divorce Solutions
(585) 236-2484


You may owe money. You may be in over your head. But you are not alone. If you or your family are experiencing financial difficulties, UR Medicine EAP can help you assess how to best resolve these problems and refer you to additional resources when needed. 

Studies show that people dealing with financial stress are more likely to struggle with depression, anxiety and heart problems; they also experience more relationship issues and substance abuse problems. Don't let a problem become a crisis. Call us at (585) 475-0432 to schedule an appointment. 

Our Partners

​CCCS of Rochester

CCCS of Rochester LogoCCCS of Rochester has been helping Rochesterians since 1970 with services such as budgeting, credit counseling, debt management plans, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage, first home buyer education, student loan counseling, and representative payee. 

Call (855) 412-2227 to schedule an appointment.

Upstate Special Needs Counseling

Upstate Special Needs Consulting

Upstate Special Needs Counseling is committed to excellence in creating individualized life care plans for individuals with special needs and their families. Their expertise in the special needs community spans all areas, including: developmental disabilities, mental health issues, intellectual disabilities, aging parents, and (TBI) traumatic brain injury. They specialize in taking the unknown and putting it into an action plan. Their cross systems expertise allows us to create an individualized life care plan for your loved one. 

Free consultation. EAP-eligible individuals receive 10% fee reduction on consulting services.


UR Medicine EAP partners with legal service providers. Contact your EAP counselor for more information and recommendations.