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An EAP professional will evaluate your specific needs and recommend the appropriate form of treatment. This may include short-term counseling at EAP and/or a referral to resources in the community.

For your convenience, we have made our new client forms available. Please download and print the forms. Complete them at your leisure, and bring them to your appointment.

Short-Term Counseling

Counseling is a way to gain perspective on behavior, emotions and relationships for the purpose of addressing concerns and enhancing one’s life. This process can be applied to personal or work related situations. 

During the initial consultation, an EAP professional will evaluate you or your family member's specific needs and recommend the appropriate support based upon those needs.


If you or your family member require more than the number of visits contracted by your organization or more urgent care is required than that provided by EAP, you will be referred to a resource that meets your individualized needs.

For employees of organization served by UR Medicine EAP, there is no cost to the employee or family member for services received at EAP. Services provided outside of EAP are the financial responsibility of the individual receiving services. Our EAP professionals will explain whether external services will be covered through your health insurance. In cases where such coverage is not available or does not apply, every attempt will be made to identify and recommend affordable resources.

Critical Incident Response

A “critical incident” is an event that has the power to overwhelm usually effective coping mechanisms. When a critical incident occurs, both the organization and its employees are impacted. EAP offers an immediate, highly sophisticated response to critical incidents to enhance and support the resilience of the organization and its employees and to facilitate return to work and productivity.

Mediation Services

EAP can provide a referral to a locally-based mediator who can help your employee decide if mediation is needed.  Learn more about our mediation services.

Workplace Services

We also offer services for supervisors, including consultations, workshops and training, referrals, and critical incident response.