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Critical Incident Response

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A "critical incident" is an event that has the power to overwhelm usually effective coping mechanisms. When a critical incident occurs, both the organization and its employees are impacted. EAP offers an immediate, highly sophisticated response to critical incidents to enhance and support the resilience of the organization and its employees and to facilitate return to work productivity.

UR Medicine EAP provides a multi-systemic approach to Critical Incident Response that fosters the resilience of the affected individuals and the organization. Our approach is based on an understanding of the human stress response, bereavement, and resilience; principles of crisis intervention; and the EAP's role in improving job performance and satisfaction.

Medi​cal Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program

URMC's Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program is committed to clinician wellness, acting as a clearinghouse for current initiatives to improve our practice environment and as a source of anti-burnout resources.

UR Employee Support (YoUR Support)

Sometimes those of us in the work of caring for others and responding to critical incidents, forget to take care of ourselves. YoUR Support Team recognizes the importance of providing clinicians, staff, and leaders with the kind of support that enables all of us to continue to provide the best care possible. Call (585) 276-9110 for assistance.

The following documents can be used to coordinate support for your team: