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Maintaining High Energy at Work

What can keep you feeling energetic at work? There’s more to it than avoiding potatoes at lunch or sugary snacks that result in an energy crash. Discover a personal plan for staying perky at work. Take a week to record on a three-by-five card four observations:

  1. what time(s) of day you feel most energetic and engaged;
  2. what time(s) of day you feel the least energetic and engaged;
  3. what you did just prior to these periods; and 4) what behaviors or influences appear to have affected these energy states.

To complete your plan, conduct an online search of "ways to improve energy at work." You’ll discover everything from munching on pumpkin seeds to going to bed by a certain time. Now, compare all these "energy tools" to see which ones fit best with your rhythm or cycle.

Experiment and fine-tune your personal energy plan. Later, consider whether you have experienced an increase in overall job satisfaction as a result. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Keith Stein | 12/5/2019

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