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Relentlessly Bullied, but No One Knew It

Being bullied at school can create enormous anguish for young people, but many parents remain completely unaware of their child’s victimization. This is especially true in adolescence when peers wield powerful influence concerning values and self-worth. This dynamic can cause denial or hiding of victimization—even covering for the bully whose approval the victim may still crave. Desire for peer validation can be stronger than the need to share the victimization. Having meaningful engagement with your child (although more difficult as their time and attention becomes more devoted to friends) can help you become aware of signs of bullying, which can include somatic complaints like headaches and stomachaches or irritability and moodiness after school. Other signs of bullying include reduced interest in school, missing or damaged personal belongings, and avoidance of talking about "how things are going at school".

Keith Stein | 1/26/2022

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