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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / January 2023 / Make Work-Life Balance Second Nature

Make Work-Life Balance Second Nature

Do you crave work-life balance only when overwhelmed by stress? Put work-life balance on “autopilot.” 1) Do tiring or intense work tasks during the time of day you feel the most energetic and “up.” 2) Passionately engage in a goal, hobby, pastime, or sport outside of work—something magnificent that “calls your attention.” Make it something you can’t wait to get to, either before work or after. 3) Write down realistic goals for your work each day. (Without a daily plan, you won’t easily find an end to your day.) 4) Examine what underlies imbalance. For example, do you believe overwork is noticed and will eventually be rewarded? Do you work harder hoping others won’t notice the skills and abilities you fear you don’t possess? With these few changes, you can avoid “work strain,” burnout, and disillusionment with your job.


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