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Do You Have "Smiling Depression?"

Symptoms of depression may include, among others, sleep disturbances, appetite changes, crying, low energy, sadness, and difficulty feeling pleasure or participating in hobbies or activities that were once valued. Like other health problems that can affect behavior and are obvious to others, those with depression may mask their symptoms at work in order to appear engaged, in control, and happy. On the surface some depressed people may appear fine, but denial and fear of being seen and identified by others as being depressed are covered up because of fear of the repercussions on their employment. Embarrassment may also cause some persons with depression to mask their true experience. Some medical professionals have referred to this as "smiling depression." Are you showing a smile on the outside while feeling miserable on the inside and keeping depression a secret? Speak to your EAP or a mental health professional and get the real happiness back.

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Keith Stein | 6/16/2021

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