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Making the Most of a Bad Day at Work

Everyone experiences job-related setbacks and mistakes at work ("a bad day"). Our initial focus is usually how awful we feel or how unfair "it" all seemed. The challenge is moving past the negativity.

Accomplish these strategies that add to your resilience. Here are six "T’s" to recapture a positive you:

  • Temporary: Remind yourself that feeling bad is temporary; it will soon dissipate.
  • Teach: What can the day teach you? What part of it will add to your skills and abilities?
  • Talk: Talk and vent your experience with a friend to experience emotional release.
  • Twirl: Move, exercise, or play—engage in physical activity to influence a positive mood.
  • Transcribe: Write down your feelings.
  • Thanks: Focus on two to three things you are grateful for despite the setback, to help reenergize positivity.

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Keith Stein | 3/12/2020

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