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Is a Marital Workshop the Answer?

Could you benefit from a marital/couples workshop as a way to have a more satisfying relationship? Such workshops allow for time away from distractions, usually 1-2 days, while participants explore many aspects of relationship wellness. Marital workshops may facilitate changes you desire if traditional, weekly counseling hasn’t brought the results you seek. Marital workshops help a couple reorient their view of the relationship to attain “team focus” rather an adversarial one. Improving communication is paramount, especially with the use of deeper empathy, listening, and validation skills that help partners feel truly understood. All relationships have challenges, and stressful times can test resilience, so workshops are usually designed to give you a lasting framework that both partners understand as their go-to approach to stay cohesive in times of significant stress. Most importantly, a marital workshop can help couple’s feel more positive and hopeful about the future, and in control of where their relationship is going. Many research studies have shown that negative communication patterns of couples threaten physical and immune health with slower healing and more vulnerability to physical illness. That’s strong incentive to repair a relationship that is not working. One benefit might be a longer life. Learn more: “Best Guide to Marital Counseling Retreats”   Also: “Transform Your Marriage Vision Retreat: A Self-Guided Getaway for Couples Paperback” (2021) available at online book sellers.


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