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End Your Day with a Transition Ritual

If your mind continues racing with "work" stuff after you are done for the day, you are in good company. Many of us do this and it is often hard to separate work and life. This is becoming more common in the remote workforce. If you have struggled with this work-life balance, try creating a "transition ritual". This can be a symbolic approach to ending your day that prompts a mental shift from your professional responsibilities to your personal life.

For example, at each day’s end, routinely turn off lights, straighten your desk, close the laptop, write tomorrow’s to-do list, and/or take a short walk. You may soon experience a faster and healthier mental separation between work and leisure, so you gain the full benefits of your time off. If you are working remotely do not return to your workspace until it is time to work again.

Keith Stein | 3/21/2024

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