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Getting Your Idea Considered

You have good ideas! Rather than having your idea only heard, get it considered! This goal requires some work to get there. The following tips will improve the possibility of your success.

  1. Don’t share your ideas too soon. Take time to gather information about the problem you are trying to solve or research new ideas in depth.
  2. Identify specifics such as: the how, when, why, who, what, where, and causes of the problem. If you are developing a new idea, be thorough with identifying the path of genesis, procedures, results and potential problems including resolution suggestions.
  3. Document your thoughts and research findings to be sure you are covering all the necessary elements for problem resolution or a new idea process prior to presentation.
  4. Identify any potential questions regarding your ideas and be ready to address them.

Keith Stein | 3/28/2024

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