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Apps for Health and Recovery

Hundreds of apps for wellness, losing weight, mental health, and recovery from addictive disease have arrived on the market over the past several years. Apps run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Many are free or very inexpensive. Recovery apps provide convenient and practical tools to help those recovering from alcoholism track sober time, manage triggers and emotions, find and share 12-step meetings, contact your sponsor discretely, receive daily inspirations, and more. A visit to or iTunes along with a keyword search for any health-related term will display many choices. Ratings may help find the best app for your need.


Join Well-U this month for WalkingWorks, a University-wide web and app-based walking challenge designed to help you reach your fitness goals while improving your overall health. Track your daily activities and progress while competing with coworkers to log the most activity.

Visit the Well-U website for more information and to register.

Tracy Bussey | 5/2/2016

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