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Does Relationship Addiction Affect You?

Is your romantic relationship characterized by possessiveness, jealousy, manipulation, and feeling terrified of abandonment? These states are common among those who struggle with "relationship addiction."

Relationship addiction (or love addiction) is not classified as a mental disorder, but many affected by it believe it should be. The dominant pattern is addictive clinging along with severe relationship conflict. Taking over a partner’s responsibilities, focusing on the partner’s "true potential" rather than abusive behaviors, or molding yourself to be the person your partner wants are also common.

Escaping relationship addiction is possible with counseling. Talk to your EAP. Change will be a rewarding journey of hard work, but it won’t be about "fixing the relationship." It will be about learning more about how you respond to relationships, discovering the real you, and finding the healthy relationship you really want.

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Keith Stein | 5/28/2020

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