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Be a Networking Pro

Most of us will naturally develop a network of supporters, allies, and potential helpers over the years who can play valuable roles in enhancing our careers and magnifying our influence. Although this is usually a scattered and undefined process, consider making a conscious effort to accelerate this as a practice. Become more "socially aware." See engaging with others as not just a pleasant social interchange but also an opportunity to consider how you can be of service to them and they to you, now or in the future.

The positive benefits of a professional network are, of course, reciprocal. Realize that your address book and professional friends in a membership association or other groups are a virtual gold mine. The hottest tip is to make annual contact with your network by mailing a short postal note with personal news, achievements, and good wishes. Several years of these "touches" will produce tremendous leverage and "top of mind" awareness among your contacts, and you will experience a surprising number of opportunities to help others and be helped by them.

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Keith Stein | 11/28/2019

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