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National News, Crisis, and Effects on Children

Children are easily affected by catastrophes and national crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, but they do not exhibit symptoms of anxiety and trauma that are commonly seen in adults. If you’re confused or unsure about whether your child needs additional support, psychotherapy, or even care for a psychiatric emergency, consider the following list below from the Association for Children’s Mental Health. Trust your gut as a parent and seek help if these symptoms or a combination thereof signal you that it’s time to get help. Some signs that your child may be experiencing a mental health crisis include rapid mood swings; extreme energy or lack of it; sleeping all the time or being unable to sleep; severe agitation, pacing; talking very rapidly or non-stop; confused thinking or irrational thoughts; thinking everyone is out to get them or seeming to lose touch with reality; experiencing hallucinations or delusions; making threats to others or themselves; isolating themselves from friends and family, not coming out of their room; not eating or eating all the time, rapid weight loss or gain; suicidal thoughts and statements such as “I want to die” or even possible vague statements such as "I don’t want to be here anymore."

Learn more: [search "mental health crisis expect"]

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Keith Stein | 11/17/2021

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