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Tips for Making Better Impressions at Work

Embrace these overlooked work habits to impress company leadership:

  1. Put away the smartphone before the meeting begins. You might be producing good work as you’re tapping away, but phones are also fun, leisurely browsing devices. Many managers who have to compete with your phone might assume you’re indifferent, but they may not remark on it.
  2. Bring more solutions to the table along with problems you identify. This solution-oriented mindset will elevate your reputation.
  3. Focus on quality in your work, rather than quantity. Make it a part of who you are, but resist the temptation to direct others in noticing it. They do.
  4. Show excitement for the job, focus on the positive, be willing to tackle tough assignments, and see opportunities in disappointment.

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Keith Stein | 10/29/2020

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