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Exercise and Kudos for You

Having a physical fitness routine offers benefits for improved health and managing stress, but there are more benefits to exercise than the release of feel-good brain chemicals and shaking off tension. One less-appreciated payoff of exercise is goal attainment of your exercise session, chalking it up as a success, and benefiting from the positive self-talk that accompanies it.

Don’t minimize the impact of genuine self-kudos and the role they play in stress management. This one benefit is an additional motivational factor for participating in a regular exercise program. When we feed a positive self-esteem, anticipated successes lie ahead. These linkages all contribute to improved personal and workplace productivity. You do have time for exercise. What may be missing are stronger reasons to get you moving. Add this one to the mix and see if it doesn’t stir you to grab your sneakers.

Keith Stein | 9/20/2018

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