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Reduce Screen Time and Be More Productive

One out of five adults averages over 40 hours a week online. Most average 24 hours. Who wouldn’t agree that at this rate, it is easy for life to pass you by? Reduce screen time without losing productivity by first adding up the hours spent online for a week in order to gain awareness. (This first step alone will reduce time online!) Next, seek to eliminate distractions, including email clicks and hyperlinks to browsers and distracting URLs and social media, etc. Make it more difficult to reach these locations. Experiment with "no-phone" zones in your home—places where you commit to not using a phone. It won’t be easy, but that’s the point. The key to your success is finding a compelling, enjoyable activity—a useful and exciting one—to substitute for being online. This will create the long-term change you’re looking for and will prevent a "cyber relapse."

Reference: study by [Search "common sense consensus 2019"]

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Keith Stein | 9/17/2020

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