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Zoom Instructions

EAP Health Bites uses a Web conferencing platform called Zoom, which offers high-quality video and audio, and enhanced recording capabilities.

You may use either your computer's speakers or a phone for audio. When the meeting starts, you will be prompted for your choice. Either choice will usually give you good quality and can easily be switched from one to the other during the meeting if there are audio issues.

If you haven't used Zoom on your computer before, a software download will occur automatically when you click on the link. Installation does not require admin privileges.

Begin by pointing your browser to

To use your phone for audio, dial (646) 558-8656 or (408) 638-0968.  Enter the Meeting ID: 765 863 245.

Please test your connection well before EAP Health Bites starts using the above link, especially for the first time.

If you need assistance, contact either Steve Fasone or Craig Bellaire at (585) 275-2657 and we will help you through the process and connect with you on Zoom.

Here are a couple of articles about Zoom to get you started:

For more information, visit