Arts Enrichment

Enriching the Lives of our Community

EPAM seeks to enrich the healthcare environment by integrating music that calms, nurtures and inspires for the well-being of our community: patients, caregivers, employees, and students. Utilizing non-traditional settings such as public spaces in hospitals, waiting and family rooms, and hallways, our hospital community will experience personal and meaningful interactions with world-class musicians. Weekly public performances are held throughout the hospital public areas. See our events schedule and review our map of live music times and locations at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Enriching the Lives of Artists

Artists experience new levels of performance and audience interaction with community of all ages and medical conditions. This experience brings deeper meaning to their work, and by reaching out beyond their comfort zone, artists learn the unspoken power and deep emotions elicited by their presence and use of the arts as a healing tool.

Man playing music on phone while patient watches
An infusion patient listens as EPAM musician Kenneth Kam performs a piece on classical guitar via Zoom at Wilmot Cancer Center where Kam's performance took place as part of the Music at the Bedside virtual concerts for patients, supported in part with funding from Project: Music Heals Us. // photo by J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester

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