Arts Enrichment

Enriching the Lives of our Community

EPAM seeks to enrich the healthcare environment by integrating music that calms, nurtures and inspires for the well-being of our community: patients, caregivers, employees, and students. Utilizing non-traditional settings such as public spaces in hospitals, waiting and family rooms, and hallways, our hospital community will experience personal and meaningful interactions with world-class musicians. Weekly public performances are held throughout the hospital public areas. See our events schedule and review our map of live music times and locations at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Enriching the Lives of Artists

Artists experience new levels of performance and audience interaction with community of all ages and medical conditions. This experience brings deeper meaning to their work, and by reaching out beyond their comfort zone, artists learn the unspoken power and deep emotions elicited by their presence and use of the arts as a healing tool.

Rochester Medical Orchestra

The Rochester Medical Orchestra will be proudly hosted by the Eastman Community Music School beginning in Fall 2019. Drawing on the entire medical community of the Greater Rochester Area, the ensemble, following the great traditions of American civic orchestras, will meet to rehearse in large and small ensembles, and perform repertoire from various musical periods and for a range of skill levels.

Upcoming Events

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Wellness at Eastman: Mindfulness and Musicians

February 02 @ 6:00 PM

Howard Hanson Hall

Mindfulness, by definition, is the act of paying attention to the present moment with non-judgmental awareness. Mindfulness is more than sitting quietly - how can you use the tools of mindfulness to e...

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Wellness at Eastman: Mental Health and Music School

March 16 @ 6:00 PM

Howard Hanson Hall

Mental health often goes overlooked while in music school. You are busy, but not tending to the signs of depression can set you back from living well and playing well. Mary Natvig holds the Ph.D. in...

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Wellness at Eastman: Caring for Your Voice

April 13 @ 6:00 PM

Howard Hanson Hall

Many of us are "professional voice users" and don't know it. New teachers routinely have overuse issues, and voice majors and professionals must care for their instruments. URMC Speech-Language Pathol...

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