Healthcare for Performing Artists

For most performers, time lost to injury represents both a financial and an emotional cost. At EPAM, we treat performing artists and their unique needs. Many artists deal with the effects of frequent practice and repetitive motions, inconsistent work environments, and high levels of stress from performances and auditions. All within the context of a highly competitive industry. It is easy to see how this can create physical and emotional challenges for this population.

EPAM is dedicated to returning artists back to the stage as soon as possible. Our medical professionals are ready to help and will make appointments available to performers within 48 hours. The targeted approach we provide to all performers is based on their specific discipline.

Eastman Performing Arts Medicine is uniquely placed to provide the expert support and care for this highly trained and elite population. Starting in the spring of 2019, EPAM offers a multidisciplinary team of URMC experts, working with the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, to deliver specialized care specifically tailored to performing artists.

Our Physicians

Ralph Manchester, MD
University Health Services                                        

Brian Giordano, MD

Mark Mirabelli, MD
Orthopaedics/Fam Medicine                                    

Gregg Nicandri, MD

David Mitten, MD

Jonathan Mink, MD

Jonathan Ingle, MD

Glenn Schneider, MD