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More Info that informs the work of our team

  1. The benefit of pausing and brief mindfulness practice for healthcare clinicians and teams
    1. Five Question Protocal (5QP) - Art and Observation at the University of Rochester
    2. Gilmartin et al: Brief Mindfulness Practices for Healthcare Providers – A Systematic Literature Review
    3. Erestam et al: The Surgical Teams’ Perception of the Effects of a Routine Intraoperative Pause
    4. Fredrickson et al: Do Contemplative Moments Matter? Effects of Informal Meditation on Emotions and Perceived Social Integration
    5. Basso et al: Brief, daily meditation enhances attention, memory, mood, and emotional regulation in non-experienced meditators
    6. Strohmaier et al: Effects of Length of Mindfulness Practice on Mindfulness, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: a Randomized Controlled Experiment
  2. The arts and healthcare
    1. Ferrara et al: Visual thinking strategy (VTS) and art production to improve training and prevent burnout among healthcare students
    2. Kleinman: The art of medicine
    3. Verghese: The importance of being
    4. Bradley et al: Why we need a music player in every patient room
  3. Mindfulness in healthcare videos
    1. 'Mindful Moments' in the operating room -
    2. Mindful Practice for clinicians -