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2018 retreat photo

A highlight of our T32 program is our annual T32-sponsored retreat, held in April of each year. The retreat includes a Keynote Address by a well-known scientist, who will be hosted in Rochester by training faculty mentors as well as trainees. The Keynote Speaker will have dinner with the T32 Trainees, lunch with a diverse group of graduate students that include T32-ineligible students, and meet with all current and past T32 Trainees. The retreat is held on campus to maximize participation by the greater scientific community. The retreat also features two talks by former trainees, who are introduced by representative current trainees.

Coverage of the Latest T32 Retreat

Retreat Photos

Past Keynote Speakers

  • Harry Noller, PhD, University of CA, Santa Cruz, “Structure and Dynamics of the Ribosome” 5/8/13.
  • Brian Shoichet, PhD, University of Toronto, “The Metabolic Code” 5/7/14.
  • Jonathan Weissman, PhD, UC San Francisco, HHMI, “Monitoring Translaction in Space and Time with Ribosome Profiling” 4/1/15.
  • Carl Wu, PhD, HHMI, Janelia Farms, “Chromatin Dynamics of Histone Variants H2A.Z and CENP-A at Yeast Promoters and Centromeres” 4/13/16.
  • Feng Zhang, PhD, MIT, “Exploration of CRISPR Diversity: from Microbiology to Biotechnology” 4/19/17.

The T32 2017-2018 Training Program held its 10th annual retreat on April 25, 2018 with Dr. C. David Allis, PhD, Joy and Jack Fishman Professor; Tri-Institutional Professor, Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics, The Rockefeller University, New York, NY as the Keynote Speaker, “When Genetics and Epigenetics Collide: Insights Gained into Human Cancer,” hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Hayes.

Presentations by past T32 Trainees

  • Luke Marr, 2016-2017 Trainee (Dr. Jeffrey Hayes, Advisor) “Probing Chromatin Structure Through Accessible Histone Surfaces” Introduced by T32 Trainee Miriam Barnett.
  • Brandon Berry, 2016-2017 Trainee (Dr. Andrew Wojtovich, Advisor) “Optogenetic Control of Mitochondrial Function Using a Light-activated Proton Pump” Introduced by T32 Trainee Rachel Warren.

Future T32 Retreats will feature

  • John Lis, PhD, Cornell University
  • Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Richard I. Gregory, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Titia de Lange, PhD, The Rockefeller University