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2013 Retreat

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
Class of 1962 Auditorium, University of Rochester Medical Center

Retreat Photos

Keynote Speaker

Harry Noller, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, Robert L. Sinsheimer Prof. of Molecular Biology, Director, Center for Molecular Biology of RNA at the University of California-Santa Cruz

Retreat Agenda

Welcome and Overview
1:00-1:10pm Lynne Maquat , T32 PI
Steric probing of RSC-nucleosome interactions indicates an essential region for remodeling
1:10-1:35pm Angela Balliano, T32 Trainee, (Hayes Lab)
(introduced by T32 Trainee Andrew Cox (Kim Lab))
X-ray crystal structure and biophysical analysis of a class 2 preQ1 riboswitch
1:35-2:00pm Joseph Liberman, T32 Trainee, (Wedekind Lab)
(introduced by T32 Trainee Sarah Amie (Kim Lab/Bambara Lab))
Structure and dynamics of the ribosomes
2:00pm Harry Noller , Keynote Speaker
(introduced by T32 Trainee mentor Dmitri Ermolenko)