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Education / Curriculum Assessment / Functions




  • Coordination of course schedules between different courses concurrently taught in the medical school and distribution of the master schedule and key calendar dates (including via web-based methods such as Blackboard) to medical students, course directors, OME staff and faculty.
  • Work with courses leaders and support staff to provide guidance in syllabi creation with each course/lecture/lab/PBL linking to the school’s educational objectives
  • Serving as the central area of expertise and coordination of the computerized examination software.  OCA will be the primary coordinator for use of the software, providing primary support to faculty in the creation and management of online examinations.
  • Monitor curricular time and prepare reports for the annual AAMC school report for this and other items related to the office of OCA.
  • Establish and maintain a Curriculum Management System, generating reports and providing information to faculty and curriculum oversight bodies such as Instruction Committees and Curriculum Steering Committee.
  • Provide support to Instruction Committees, coordinating and recording minutes for meetings and retreats.
  • Serve as a liaison between course leaders and support staff to incorporate new technology into courses/clerkships. Coordinate educational projects such as digitally recorded PBL cases, physical examination tutorials, and other projects.
  • Support the development and implementation of innovative approaches to education by course and theme directors and other educational leaders.


  • Lead creation and revision of evaluation tools for courses/clerkships and other educational programs.
  • Manage, generate reports and train faculty and staff in the electronic evaluation system.
  • OCA staff (primarily through the administrator) will provide primary support for Comprehensive Assessment (CA) faculty and program, interfacing with CEL IT and the Standardized Patient Program.  This includes membership of OCA director(s) on CA design team. Similar interface will be expected of OCA support staff for Assessment Days and other similar education/evaluation interventions.
  • Create, distribute and analyze end of academic year evaluations by year. Generate annual reports on the findings from these annual evaluations.
  • Edit, distribute and analyze surveys of program directors on graduate performance annually. Prepare reports of findings.
  • OCA will coordinate all course and clerkship evaluations including acquisition of data to be utilized, creation of review committee, chairing review committee meetings, preparation of final reports to course/clerkship director, reporting findings to the Curriculum Steering Committee and delivering verbal feedback to course/clerkship director..
  • OCA staff will organize focus groups as an additional education evaluation tool.
  • Support the evaluation of curricular innovations and other new educational initiatives by assisting in development and implementation of evaluation tools.

Computerized Examination Protocol

The School expects all courses to use the revised/improved Encore system to administer computerized examinations for all course exams previously administered on paper or Scantron. Exam formats not suited to computer administration (e.g. lab practical exams, extended essays, oral exams) will still be administered in their prior formats.

If you have not already done so, please let OCA (Office of Curriculum and Assessment) know immediately about the dates and times of all exams for the upcoming academic year.  Below is a list of responsibilities for those involved with the administration of the computerized exams.  The guidelines are in place to insure that the exam is fairly and accurately administered to all students.

For more information, please review the computerized examination protocol.

If you are a course and you would like to use Encore Exams, please fill out this form to start the process.