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How to Apply

Interview Information

All 3 of our accredited positions are offered through the San Francisco Match, in compliance with the ACGME rules and regulations. Applicants will be notified of interviews electronically via Thalamus.  We invite applicants to interview in early spring, and conclude the process in June.  

We have a two part application process; both parts must be completed for your application to be considered:

Apply to SF Match

Supplemental Application

Interview Day

Our interview day typically begins in the morning with a greeting from our Program Director.  Applicants can expect to be interviewed by two or three faculty members, and the entire interview day should conclude by 2:30 p.m.  For the upcoming season, our program is following guidelines set forth by AAMC, and will conduct the interview process virtually. 

Visiting Rochester

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer tours of our facilities or "meet-and-greets" this season.  If you desire, please come to Rochester to get a feel for the culture of our diverse city.