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Our Fellows & Alumni

CassianMy critical care fellowship experience at the University of Rochester was one of my favorite years of training.  It was a great academic and clinical experience.  There was plenty of opportunity to undertake academic projects including publications and IRB approved research projects.  I was personally involved with a number of book chapters, national and international conference presentations, and multidisciplinary research in liver transplant hematology.  The clinical experience was very diverse including exposure to burn/trauma, neurocritical care, cardiothoracic, and hepatic transplant.  I feel prepared to practice in any setting.  The experience has left me with portable skills in managing the sickest patients, which will not only help me as an intensivist, but also as an anesthesiologist.  The program successfully prepared me to pass my ABA and Royal College examinations.  I would like to thank all of the anesthesiology and critical care faculty and staff for a great year!"                                                                                                                                              

- Cassian Horoszczak, MD, FRCPC (2021)

TiffanyI received exceptional training at the University of Rochester.  The training program is well balanced providing experience in all major areas of critical care: neuro, surgical, trauma, medical, and cardiac ICU’s, in both community and tertiary centers.  I felt very well prepared to move into any clinical setting after completing the program.  But what made my experience most remarkable was the people.  Everyone, the faculty and the staff are so friendly, accessible and kind.  They have tremendous expertise and are excellent teachers.  They supported me pursuing multiple academic projects of interest to me, even when we had to develop it from scratch.  I really enjoyed my time at Rochester and recommend it to anyone looking to pursue clinical and academic excellence in anesthesia and critical care."                                                                                                                                                 

- Tiffany Ellis, MD (2019)