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About the Program

ICUThe Intensive Care Units at Strong Memorial Hospital specialize in medical and surgical care for patients who require continuous monitoring, timely interventions, and specialized care. The primary focus on these units is caring for critically ill trauma, burn, and postoperative surgical patients recovering from major surgeries such as transplant, neurosurgical, thoracic, vascular, urologic, obstetric and gynecologic, and general surgical cases. Our faculty members in the CCM Division provide care on three of those units:

  • The Kessler Family Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit which is a regional burn and trauma center with 17 ICU beds;
  • The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (8-36) where there are 12 surgical ICU beds; and
  • The Surgical Intensive and Progressive Care Unit (8-14) where there are four surgical ICU beds.Mercy Flight

Highlights of our Program

  • Developed tools to evaluate delirium and sedation in critically ill patients
  • Division members have participated in national and international forums on sedation and delirium in ICU patients
  • Participated in over 40 studies and monitored several generations of fellows and residents in CCM research