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Welcome from the Program Director


The University of Rochester Medical Center is the trusted referral center for complex cases and critically ill patients for the western half of New York State. We excel in the management of complex patients with a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care. On any given week, there are numerous multidisciplinary meetings to discuss the best treatment option for our complex patients. This collaborative and collegial atmosphere directly translates into excellence in patient care. It also explains our high retention rate for our graduating residents and fellows from our Department.

This is a rewarding fellowship that not only molds Intensivists that have gone onto become leaders of various ICUs, but also allows one to become extremely comfortable managing the most complex patients in the operating room. As our profession evolves from primary anesthesia providers to peri-operative leaders and consultants charged with improving patient outcomes, a Critical Care fellowship will be a valuable asset throughout your long career in Anesthesiology.​ Whether you are looking to work as a full-time Intensivist, or combining a career in OR and ICU in an academic practice, or even a practicing anesthesiologist looking to expand your knowledge base and skill set, we certainly have a lot to offer.​  

As your Program Director, I will leverage our institution's considerable resources to ensure you fulfill your learning goals and graduate ready to succeed. You will have the opportunity engage in robust clinical training with supervision of faculty Intensivists with backgrounds in every discipline. The limited number of spots we offer every year allows us to tailor the academic experience to fit the fellow's interests, and prepare them for whatever career path they wish to embark on. 

Kunal Panda, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship Program Director