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  • Strong Memorial Hospital – 5 months
  • ​Marketplace Mall / AOC – 5 months
  • Interventional Procedures – 2 months

Strong Memorial Hospital

The focus of this rotation will be on sports medicine, orthopedic trauma/emergency, rheumatology and tumor.

Marketplace Mall / AOC

The focus of this rotation is for the fellow to become proficient at MSK MRI which will include sports medicine, oncology, rheumatology and spine. The rotation will also prioritize reading orthopedic aftercare radiographs with an emphasis on recognizing patterns of injury, surgical management, and evaluating for signs of healing or hardware complication. The fellow will perform ultrasound guided arthrograms.

Joint Related Procedures

The fellow will perform ultrasound and fluoroscopically guided arthrograms/injections and joint aspirations under direct supervision of MSK faculty.

Interventional Procedures (2 Months at SMH)

The fellow will be in charge of approving outpatient cases for MSK imaging guided procedures. The fellow will be alerted to all bone biopsy and soft tissue biopsy cases by the interventional radiology staff and will be expected to consent the patient, perform the procedure and follow up on the post procedure aftercare or complications. The fellow must maintain a case log of all interventional procedures performed. During the two month rotation on IR the fellow will work with the SMH MSK section and get pulled to do procedures without restriction.

Call Schedule

5-10 p.m. one weekday per week

8-2 p.m. one weekend per month

Fellows are provided with a home workstation and are able to take call at home

Average Yearly Work Volume Per Fellow

MRI: 1200-1500

Arthrograms (fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided): 175-300

CT guided procedures (bone and soft tissue biopsies): 30